Because good marriages don't just happen

Marriage CORE is a marriage enrichment program used by organizations to provide real, lasting, and transformational results for couples.

Wade & Michelle’s Story

Eric & Katherine’s Story

John & Stacie’s Story

About the Author

Welcome to Marriage CORE.

Marriage CORE is a innovative marriage enrichment curriculum and ministry resource that is Christ-centered, self-reflective, and relationally-focused.

The curriculum’s content guides couples through an exploration of the CORE elements of marriage by examining 24 characteristics of the marriage relationship. It invites couples to become more aware of their own approaches for “making marriage work” and introduces them to Christ-centered paradigms.

Each week participants complete a lesson by reading the instructional content, answering self-reflective questions, coming together with their spouse to process their responses, and sharing life in community within the safety of their CORE couples group.

What Marriage CORE is to me.

Our couples, Pastors, Group Leaders and Counselors talk about what
MC is to them.

MC is a place for couples to fellowship and work on the fundamentals of communication

Cynthia & Gavin, Married 43 Years

Marriage CORE is a great outreach program for the church to serve its community

Pastor Jamison, Mapleton Episcopal Church

Marriage CORE is a place where it's OK to not be OK.

John & Stacie, Married 12 years

Marriage CORE is a place we experience hope in our marriage.

Zach & Jordon, Married 5 Years

Marriage CORE is a place we can rest our heart and trust God in our marriage.

Aaron & Ashley, Married 14 Years

Marriage CORE lets us experience the joy of forgiveness.

Dan & Lorie, Married 9 years

Marriage CORE provides us a free ticket to watch the movie of our own marriage.

Grant & Kay, Married 21 years

Marriage CORE helps us abandon our bad habits before abandoning our marriage.

Sean & Mary, Married 6 years

“Marriage CORE meets couples right where they are…but
loves them too much to let them stay there!”

– Steve Fischer,
Stonebriar Community Church


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