Marriage CORE – Chinese – Spiral Workbook


The Marriage CORE Participant Guide is the 24-tip curriculum based on Biblical principles of a Godly marriage.  The Participant Guide is equipped with 24-tips that provide a brief lesson, reflection questions, and practical application for creating real, lasting transformation.

NOTE: The 24-Tip curriculum was created with the intent of being used within a group format.  The group component is part of the unique nature of Marriage CORE.  Utilizing the 24-Tip curriculum outside the context of a group can alter the effectiveness of the program.
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MarriageCore is a great outreach program for the church to serve its community

Pastor Jamison, Mapleton Episcopal Church

All people are created with an innate need for connection. MarriageCore focuses on helping individuals forge a connection that meets this need within the confines of marriage.

Cynthia & Gavin, Married 43 Years

MarriageCore recharges you with non-stop energy from Above so that you can experience non-stop love from your spouse.

Scott and Katherine, Married 16 Years

MarriageCore is a place you can rest your heart and trust God in your marriage.

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